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Agile Solutions Group

Agile Recruitment is part of The Agile Solutions Group together with Agile Solutions and Agile Education.  The businesses are all specialists within the Information Management sector and are able to operate completely independently of one another or in synergy to provide co-ordinated services to customers.

Agile Solutions
Agile Solutions is a consultancy company focused on delivering data warehouse, Big Data and information management initiatives. They specialise in rapid deliveries using agile methods and work with a number of industry leading software vendors to help clients select the best solution to meet their business needs.

Their team of career information management specialists enables Agile Solutions to offer alternatives to slow offshore deliveries while enabling their clients to take advantage of advanced technologies without the large consulting overheads usually associated with these projects.

Agile Education
Agile Education offers individual and corporate training programs focused on improving Informatica skills and techniques by promoting best practices for Informatica’s data integration tools.

As Informatica’s only Authorised Training partner in UK, they offer training courses ideal for software and data management professionals and have over 20 years of expertise in providing cost effective Informatica training, with an international reputation for exceptional trainers, high quality course materials and continuous professional development.

Agile Solutions Group is committed to becoming the first consideration for all businesses embarking on information driven initiatives. The group will achieve this through a collaborative approach and an ethos built around trusted experts with a record of success. The Group and Brand is a mark of quality and assurance within our market. All three businesses share the same expectation that our clients receive the very best service that exceeds expectations.